Why should you invest in a second citizenship?

Second citizenship or residency offers a key to a better future for you and your family. Whether you’re looking to explore business opportunities, benefit from visa-free travel or enjoy the added security dual citizenship provides, our industry experts have the passion and knowledge to get the right second citizenship for you.

Benefits of Second Citizenship

Citizenship for Life

A second citizenship is yours for life. For most locations, there is no requirement to appear personally when applying for the citizenship and, crucially, there is no obligation to live in or even visit the country. You simply enjoy the host of benefits second citizenship will provide to you and your family.

Visa Free Travel

Many of us, through no fault of our own, have severe travel restrictions simply because of our nationality and passport. We are prevented from pursuing the benefits of global citizenship, which are available to our friends and colleagues who happen to hold high-status passports. A second citizenship removes the hassle and cost of lengthy visa applications, granting immediate access to the global market so crucial to international business.

Generous Tax Regime

We offers significant tax advantages and the ability to protect your assets. The majority of our locations have zero tax on foreign income, low property tax and no inheritance, wealth transfer or capital gains taxes. Most of our programs also boast far lower income rates than the majority of countries around the world, so your business ventures in your new country will prove to be profitable.

Enhancing Your Lifestyle

All of our second citizenship programs are in prime destinations. The Caribbean, Cyprus and the US boast luxury hotels, rich cultures and incredibly beautiful scenery and beaches. Your second citizenship allows for last-minute, visa-free holidays that you and your family can enjoy without limit. With lower tax rates in many of these locations, retiring to paradise offers serious personal, as well as financial, benefits.

Protection From Political Uncertainty

Unfortunately, political instability is on the rise around the world. Conflicts can escalate quickly and the prospect of finding yourself and your family at risk is a genuine possibility.
Should an emergency arise, such as conflict, unrest or travel sanctions, a second citizenship provides an alternative solution for you and your loved ones.

Expanding Your Investment Portfolio

Second citizenship opens up a host of business investment opportunities. Whilst many nations’ passports will prevent access to major markets such as the EU, our second citizenship programs not only open up investment opportunities in the country itself (with low tax rates), but allow you to export your products to a number of profitable markets around the world.

Safeguarding Your Wealth

The global economy is becoming increasingly unpredictable. In recent years, nations previously considered economic powerhouses have experienced significant difficulties. The landscape can change rapidly and have a dramatic effect on your personal wealth. A second citizenship means your wealth isn’t restricted to one location, allowing you to navigate through downturns and retain financial independence.

Generational Benefits

Second citizenships are not limited to you personally. Many of our locations offer citizenship to your extended family, including parents, children and even grandchildren. A second citizenship allows you to pass on wealth and secure prosperity for your family’s future generations.

SCH Global Limited

The Global Leader in Residence and Citizenship Planning

A new nationality or a second passport by legal means. Normally you get a citizenship either by birth, marriage with a citizen of this country or by descent, that is, the proof that one is descended from a parent of the corresponding country.

The conditions for naturalization differ from one country to another, usually with a lot of bureaucracy and long waiting times, as well as longer periods of residence in the countries. Waiting times can be several years. A quicker way to get a new citizenship is to take the path through Citizenship by Investment. All these Citizenship by Investment Programs offer several options for an investment such as Donation, Real Estate and Business to acquire a citizenship respectively a second passport .

we are proficient in identifying rare and exceptional opportunities around the globe for our clients which combine mainly solid investments leading to benefits of permanent residency, passports and citizenship in that country. We work in tandem with financial institutions and a trusted network of internationally respected experts in immigration law to navigate and streamline the immigration process. Our company main goal is to provide fast and safe immigration solutions to the country of your choice. Apart from providing initial consultation, we do ensure also all adjacent services required by the clients during all process and beyond its finish Terms.



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