1. Greece

Greece Golden Visa applicants will also be able to add their entire family for one investment package. In this case, residency will be applicable to all family members and they will instantaneously have access to world-renowned healthcare facilities and highly reputable educational institutes. Lastly, Greece doesn’t impose any physical residency requirement to maintain Greece investor visa as long as real estate property is maintained.

Benefits of Greece Golden Visa Citizenship

  • Permanent residency in Greece can be obtained in 3 months
  • European residency within an Schengen countries
  • No nationality restrictions on Golden Visa applicants
  • Travel freely to EU countries and the United Kingdom
  • No physical residence requirements in Greece
  • Access to world-renowned healthcare and education systems
  • No interview required
  • Live and work anywhere in Europe
  • Ability to open a bank account and establish a businesses in Greece
  • Golden visa investors can include their entire family for one investment package


  • Golden visa applicant must be at least 18 years of age
  • Golden Visa applicant should have an annual income of €100,000 or capital assets of €500,000
  • An applicant should make the appropriate investment in Real Estate
  • Applicant must keep real estate in order to maintain residence status in Greece
  • Dependent children aged 26 and under are allowed to apply with the main applicant
  • All golden visa applicants must pass a strict due diligence
  • Timeline and Procedure

Timeline and Procedure

Week 1-3

SCH Global does a preliminary background check and submits application to Greek authorities. A
receipt of the application is issued, allowing an investor to travel throughout Schengen countries and
use it as a temporary Permanent Residence card.

Weeks 4-7

Step 2

The application is reviewed by Greek Authorities and due diligence process takes place.

Weeks 8-12

Step 3

Issuance of Golden Visa

2. Portugal

As for dependent applicants, investor will be able to add spouse and family under the same Golden Visa application without having to make an additional investment. At that point, all family members will reap the benefits of being European residents including living in a safe and stable country, access to high quality of life, and taking advantage of excellent education and healthcare services.

Portugal Residency by Investment program is a pathway to the Portuguese Citizenship as investors have the choice to apply for citizenship 6 years after initial investment is made.

Benefits of Portugal Golden Visa Citizenship

  • Quick processing time. Obtain a residence permit in 4 to 6 months.
  • Investor visa can travel, live, work in all Schengen countries.
  • Investor can register and operate in all Schengen countries.
  • Investor can extend the application to family members and parents with no further investments required.
  • Low minimum stay requirement of only seven days in the first year and 14 days throughout the following two-year period.
  • Allows investor to maintain residency in another country.
  • Own property in Europe and benefit from rental returns throughout the 5 years.
  • Permanent residency after 5 years of initial investment.
  • Option to obtain Portuguese citizenship after 6 years from initial investment.


  • Investor must be a non-EU citizen.
  • Investor must maintain his/her investment.
  • There is a minimum stay of 7 days the first year of receiving Golden Visa and 14 days in the following two-year period.
  • Investor must make the appropriate real estate investment of EUR 350,000 or EUR 500,000 in approved real- estate.

Timeline and Procedure

Month 1

Step 1

SCH GLOBAL performs a preliminary check. File preparation begins and required documents are collected.
Advisory fees and application fees are paid.

Month 1-2

Step 2

SCH GLOBAL will assist investor in choosing the best investment route. Once decided, Real Estate agents in Portugal can assist with the purchase of property. During the visit, the investor will meet and grant Power of Attorney to the designated lawyer, open a bank account and visit the immigration services for biometrics (finger prints and photos).

Month 3-6

Step 3

Upon return from Portugal, the transfer of funds is made for purchase of property.

Step 4

Completion of initial application and beginning the visa application.

Step 5

Immigration Services approve the visa application and issue residency cards. Once issued, they are sent to SCH
Global offices and handed to client and their family.

Month 6

Step 6

As per requirements, investor visits Portugal 1 week yearly for 5 years.

Year 6

Step 7

Applying for Portuguese citizenship for all members of the family.